Creative Producer
10th February 2018

A unique collaboration between The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, Leisure@ Cheltenham and Wet Sounds.

Wet Sounds is an underwater sound art installation and performance - a deep listening experience. Wet Sounds effectively creates three sound spaces in the physical space of the swimming pool. One inside the water, one outside the water and one a merger of the two as the listener floats on the surface of the water. These three distinct sound spaces are chosen by the listeners as they move in and out of the water. The three sound spaces are used to convey parallel narratives, musical and literal.

I bought them on board to work with both The Wilson and Leisure@ - to celebrate the different Cheltenham Trust venues, and the magic that can be found at the intersection.

In January 2018, visitors to the Museum explored our collection and took part in a workshop with Wet Sounds Creative Director Joel. They learnt how to 'sonify' a story, and created a 5 min piece in response to our collection that was played underwater at the swimming pool on February10th 2018.

Around 100 visitors floated around over two sessions - listening to soundscapes sounds above and below the water.