Communications and Marketing Manager
June 2018 - Sep 2019 (Maternity Leave)

"PDSW is a registered charity dedicated to transforming communities through dance”

Appointed to lead PDSW into a period of change, the first task was to re-brand and re-point. Working with CUCO Creative we moved the visual language away from lots of bright colourways and curves in favour of cleaner lines, full bleed images, and clarity.

This made room for the ‘stories’ to breathe - the people and projects at the core of PDSW who demonstrated what we did better than we could ever say in paragraphs and paragraphs. This went well beyond print - we changed our building banners so that instead of featuring artists who had visited once, they featured members of our dance community we saw every week - from local professional companies to attendees of our Parkinson’s dance class.

We put the charitable messaging front and centre and re-wrote the mission statement in line with new new CEO’s vision.